Strutton Inn Bed and Breakfast is centrally located in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Only minutes away from most of the major attractions makes our inn a great place from which to explore the area. The State of South Dakota offers visitors a world of opportunity and places to enjoy - from the Badlands to the East or Devils Tower to the North. Great places and great faces is what South Dakota is all about. Experience the wild shoot-outs in Deadwood or relax in the natural hot springs of the Black Hills. Enjoy the many area attractions listed below made clickable for more details on all the adventures awaiting you in South Dakota.

The Tin Lizzie Casino and Restaurant Tin Lizzie offers many of the latest slots, along with classic favorites. Over 160 slot machines and live Blackjack. Cash back, delious meals, quality merchandise and Tin Lizzie memorabilia.

Rattle Snake Jakes More than you would expect from a tourist shop. Rattle Snake Jakes is a friendly establishment bursting with unique merchandise and good humor. Let Jake visit with the kids as you shop our selection of Black Hills Gold, Native American made products, local artworks and more. Although we have been known to play a fer jokes, we also enjoy helping our coustomers find their way to the best the Hills has to offer.

The Sturgis, Rally held each year in August and is internationally acclaimed as the world's largest motorcycle event. Hundreds of venders, thousands of bikes all located in the heart of the Black Hills.

The Black Hills Offers visitors the opportunity to explore the Sky-piercing granite peaks and forested mountains. This compact region's wholesome family attractions, lively festivals, American Indian culture and legendary Old West history make for a perfect stay. Visit

Mount Rushmore's impact stirs the emotions of visitors with it's gradeur. Completed in 1941 it has joined the Statue of Liberty and The Stars & Stripes as one of America's most inspiring symbols of democracy.

Crazy Horse Memorial is a mountain-sized statue of an Indian man and his spirited war horse, as long as a cruise ship and taller than a sixty story sky-scraper this monument to our Native American heritage speaks for itself.

Jewel Cave Tours Daily crystals covering the walls and the other rare formations that lie hidden in its labyrinths. Jewel cave, the worlds third longest cave, it part of the Black Hills cave system dating back 60 million years.

Wind Cave National Park is the seventh longest cave in the world with 81 miles of boxwork, frostwork and popcorn formations. Above ground, Wind Cave is a 28,000 acre wildlife park with buffalo and prairie dogs, and other wildlife to appreciate.

Devils Tower The nations first national monument was designated by President Teddy Roosevelt in 1906. Millions of years of erosion have exposed what was the core of a Volcano to form this unique formation which was featured in the Hollywood film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Mickelson Trail was designed for hiking and bicycling, a traversing ten foot wide crushed limestone path winding through prairie, mountains, aspen-lined creeks, pine forest, high country meadows and wildlife. The trail is approximately 128 miles long offering days of enjoyment.

National Museum of Woodcarving allows visitors to step into the intricate and entertaining would of woodcarving. Educational, entertaining and unique works for everyone. Visit one of teh most unique museums in America.

Historic Deadwood city was the sight of the last big gold rush in America. Frontier legends like Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane lived and died there. The whole town is now a national historic district, where shoot-outs, live reenactments and modern casino live side by side.

Custer State Park is a 73,000 acre world-class wildlife preserve and vacation paradise. The park features spectacular geological formations, 3 scenic drives and one of the Nations largest Buffalo herds. Custer State Park, where the Buffalo roam and the Deer and the Antelope still play.

The Badlands National Park is yours to enjoy while viewing the jagged spires, deep gorges and rolling plains.